Beginners to advanced ... whether you're a complete beginner or are already at an advanced level, his dedication as a tutor will inspire you to improve your playing quickly. He has a very wide variety of styles to offer, such as blues, rock, ragtime, classical, folk, or flamenco.

For those interested in accompanying songs with chords he gets you started quickly and can explain, in a user-friendly way, the structure of chords in keys. If you want to learn instrumental pieces quickly he offers the very accessible tablature system, now mostly commonly used by guitarists across the board.

As a former student of the great Paco Peña he has much to offer those interested in the flamenco guitar, with first class tuition in the different palos, such as soleares, bulerías, alegrías etc. He also provides a very clear explanation on the use of the right hand techniques such as picado, arpegio, tremolo, alzapúa and rasgueado, and he incorporates these techniques into the pieces he teaches, with falsetas tailored to your level of playing.